Tire Mounting Paste for trucks, 5 kg

Material components: rubber / steel, rubber / plastics
(Please be aware of the possibly restrictive regulations of the rim manufacturers)
Temperature range: -15 °C to 50 °C
Low effort on the assembly of truck tires!

• Protection of tire and rim
• Less time required for perfect tire mounting
• Better centering of the tire on the rim (reduces jump pressure)
• Pressure-resistant mounting film
• No splashes or soiling when the tire rides
• No aggressive effect on rubber and rim
• Skin and environment friendly
• Free from harmful solvents
• Keeps rubber supple and thus guarantees a lasting sealing effect on the tire bead
• Prevents the tire from sticking to the rim
• Non-positive connection between tire and rim
• Shortly after assembly, complaints and consequential costs for possible rebalancing
• Saves costs for unnecessary controls and adjustments on balancing devices
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