Tire Mounting Paste 5 kg

Facilitates the assembly work and supports the subsequent disassembly as the tire does not adhere to the inner rim flange. Low force and time expenditure due to high lubricity, prevents cracking and aging phenomena and is very economical in use.
Tire mounting paste is chemically neutral, has excellent sliding properties and thus protects the tire and the mounting machine during tire mounting. The necessary force connection is achieved shortly after assembly and reliably prevents the tire's positional change on the rim during driving operation.
Solid white tire mounting paste. Suitable for the temperature range from -15 ° C to + 60 ° C. Due to the "G" particles embedded in the assembly paste, the paste has a high pressure stability. Thus, simple assembly is also possible under difficult conditions. Also suitable for RUN-FLAT-SYSTEMS!
5 kg bucket
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