COB Solar LED Lamp

Led Solar Worklamp. 10W. IP44
Size : 141mmx73mmx19mm.
Black/Green/Grey button.
Including 606090 1PC 3.7V Li-Ion 4.000MAH battery. Weight :
70grs battery.
Front led : 25%(250Lm)-50%(500Lm)-100%(1.000Lm)- (12pcs)
RED Stable- ( 12pcs ) RED Warning Strobe (push the button 3 Sec.)
Including TOP LED . 3W. (270Lm)
Including : 2 magnets on stander.
Including : Folding plastic stand.
Solar panel 5.5V 210mah. 1.6W
Including USB PowerBank function.
Including charge indicator.
Including USB-C charging cable.
Discharge time :3.5Hours for high level. 5.5Hours for middle
level. 7Hours for low level.
Charge time : (1) with adaptor 5V 1A need 4 hours charging. (2)
with solar panel need 5.5Hours for full charging.
CE ROHS, CE EMC and battery 2006/66/EC approved.
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