Battery Booster 1900 "NEW EDITION"

Revised version of our bestseller product
• Power: 1900 Amp
• Powerful battery, 12V 38 AH battery (2x19 AH), high current capability
• AGM battery
• Heavy-duty terminal clamps 400 Amp.
• Charging socket for automatic charging
• USB charging socket
• Combo indicator for battery status and charging status
• Bright LED work lamp
• Impact-resistant polyethylene housing
• Comfortable rubber handle
• Hard rubber feet for a secure hold
• On / Off safety switch
• 2 x 12V output socket with overload protection
• Acoustic warning signal in case of reverse polarity
• Pressure switch for work light
• Charging cable for cigarette lighter 12V
• 240V mains charger, 12V / 1800mA
• Cable length: approx. 1200 mm
• Weight: 12,45 kg
• Size: 330 x 360 x 109 mm (W x H x D)

• 1900 Amp peak power, 38A/H (2 x 19A/H) sealed AGM batteries
• 120 cm long 100% copper cables.
• Suitable for starting 8-cylinder petrol engines up to 5 litres and 4-cylinder diesel engines up to 3.5 litres cubic capacity, without the need for a support vehicle - ONLY 12 volt systems.
(Not suitable for vehicles with Start-Stop automatic and hybrid vehicles.)
• Two 12 V DC cigarette sockets with overload protection supply electrical devices, which are usually plugged into the accessory socket of a vehicle. This makes the remote operation and / or the emergency power supply possible with 12V, if no other possibility is available.
• Sealed maintenance-free battery, can be stored without danger in any position.
• Large, easy to read battery indicator.
• Robust, injection moulded outer housing
• Built-in LED emergency light
• Alarm signals when recharging is required.
• Audible warning of reverse polarity and short circuit.
• Built-in protection systems protect both the booster and the vehicle from accidental short circuit and reverse polarity, as well as from overload and accidental 24V connection.

This booster is designed as a compact, durable and portable emergency start system for vehicles with 12V on-board power supply. This self-contained system is capable of safely starting vehicles with weak or empty batteries without the need for another vehicle or a 240V power supply. This device can also be used as a safe, portable 12V DC source in remote areas or in emergencies.

Ideal for:
• Car dealers
• Boat dealers
• Caravan dealers
• Construction and agricultural machinery dealers
• Workshops
• Rescue services / breakdown assistance
• 4x4 vehicles
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