Balancing Weights for gluing, 150 piece

• packaging unit: 150 piece
The adhesive weight is very thin.

With the 2mm longer liner it is very easy to remove the foil from the weight and this guaranteed a fast and uncomplicated use of this weight.
This weight is zinc plated and gray platic coted.
The weight meets the requirements of the automotive industry according to DIN 50 021 SS and ASTM
B 117-73 after a 480-hour salt spray test.

Because of the segment construction, the weight is very easy to split because only the adhesive film to cuts. The 5gr and 5gr division makes a perfekt fit to every rim size.
The adhesive film is blue. The segments can be separated without tools
This weight is also available as roll!Height with adhesive tape 2,5 mm
Total width 19 mm
Subdivision in 12 * 2,5 grams
Total weight 30 grams
Temperature range -40 ° C to +250 ° C
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