Dry Cleaning Sponge

• Materials: Latex Rubber Vulcanized
• Size : 15x7x4cm
• Dry Cleaning Sponges, also known as chemical sponges, easily remove dust, dirt, soot, fluff, and even pet hair from any dry surface. This revolutionary material is used dry and completely free of chemicals and chemicals. Clean surfaces without water. The technology behind these sponges is simple. They use open * absorption, which actually lifts dust, dirt, soot, and lint into the sponge. Professional grade. Used by professionals, these sponges can handle the biggest cleaning jobs without a problem. Easily remove soot, dirt, dust, fluff, and even copier toner. Not greasy, very delicate. Always free of chemicals. Our sponges are easy to use and contain no chemicals. They are latex rubber vulcanized -- perfect for collecting dust and dirt from areas that cannot be cleaned with water or solvents.
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